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We’ve all experience the getting dressed meltdown, haven’t we?  For the lucky ones who haven’t, here is how it plays out:

Woman wakes in the morning.  She casually gets out of bed enjoying the sounds of birds singing in the sunshine.  Maybe she pours a cup of coffee and smiles looking out the window.  As she steps into the shower she begins to consider what to wear to work today.  She decides, happily, on her favorite khaki slacks and a pretty blue blouse.  After her refreshing shower she towels off, fixes her hair and heads toward the closet.  She pulls on her slacks, only to realize they are snug.  Too snug.  The birds halt their singing.  The sun goes behind a cloud and thunder rumbles in the sky.  The meltdown begins.  These pants don’t fit!  And nothing else in the entire closet is worth wearing!  I had too much to eat last night!  The food was too salty, that’s what it is!  Wait, when is the last time I wore these pants?  How much have I gained since then?

Friends, this scenario is scary, but oh so true.  The times that this has happened to be cannot be counted.  Whatever happy attitude I may have had is dashed and I’m left stewing.  I’m so mad!  Mad at the pants.  Mad at food.  But, let’s be honest here.  It is no one’s fault but my own.  I’m upset because of the actions (or lack of action) of myself.  If this were a different situation, happening to a different person I know exactly what  I would say:

“If you don’t like the situation change it!  Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere.  DO SOMETHING!”

Clearly, if I had taken my own advice at any point in the past five or so years, I would have already done something.  Instead I’ve continued to do what I’ve always done.  Of course, this means I’ve gotten what I’ve always had.  Meltdowns over my clothes not fitting.  Meltdowns over how I look in pictures.  Meltdowns over whether or not I should wear a swimsuit.

Today, I’m taking my own advice.  I’m changing the definition of meltdown.  Forget flipping out over bad choices.  That’s in the past.  Today I’m literally on the path to Melting Down, one pound at a time.


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