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The No Meat Experiment

For two weeks I didn’t eat any meat.  The idea of being vegetarian has crossed my mind several times.  Normally, I brushed it away because I figured it would be way to hard.  This time I decided to try it.

Originally, the plan was the try it for a full month.  I didn’t make it though.  While it wasn’t terribly hard to do, I just realized that it wasn’t for me.  At first I made a great effort to eat as healthfully as I could.  I actually lost six pounds.  Things took a turn in the second week.  I started to crave meat.  Just grilled chicken…. a juicy steak…. something!  To deal with the cravings, I ate everything else in sight.  I’m sure the six pounds I lost are back.

I’m glad I tried it out.  Now I no longer will wonder if that is the right plan for me.  I know that it is not.  I gave it a good, honest try.  I didn’t just try it for a day and give up. 

I’m still recovering from my ACL surgery.  I think in two weeks I will finally be able to start walking for exercise!  Since getting back to eating meat again, I’m not overeating.  I’m feeling really great about the week ahead.  I’m going to take this one day at a time and one pound at a time.


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