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While it has been so hot this summer everyone in Texas is no doubt melting in the figurative sense, my weight hasn’t started the melt yet.  Yesterday I took the time to sit down and plan out exactly what my process for weight loss is going to be.  I knew I wanted to meet the following expectations:

1.  I want to lose roughly 70 pounds

2.  I don’t want to waste food/money

3.  I want to build healthier eating habits

The first thing I did was weigh in, for my official starting weight.  The scale was higher than I expected at (dun, dun, dun) 211.6 pounds.  I know that my goal is 145, so you can see that there is a long road ahead.  Estimating two pounds a week, I hope to reach my goal by mid-March 2012.

I broke my plan up into three phases.

Phase One:  I want to start eating less, watching portions and losing weight, but I do not want the food that is in the high right now to go to waste.  I found a diet online called the No S diet (No sweets, No snacks, No seconds).  For the next week or two I’m going to use those three guidelines while making my meals out of what we already have in the house.  This satisfies my guideline of not wanting to waste food/money.  The second condition of this phase is avoiding fast food. 

Phase Two:  This phase, which I hope to start on August 1st, is much more specific. I plan to follow a meal plan with lots of healthy, fresh, lean foods.  I’ll add back one snack per day, with conditions on what it can be.  I will get into more details on phase two as it gets closer.

Phase Three: Phrase three starts when I reach my goal.  Monday thru Friday I plan to continue eating Phase Two. On weekends, however, I plan to be more lax. Everything in moderation.

In all three phases a key point is to write every thing down in a food journal.

I still cannot exercise because of my ACL surgery.  Monday I go back to the doctor and hopefully will be cleared to start walking for exercise.  I”m going to start with 30 minutes per day.

The last detail for my diet is that I have decide to start posting here every day until I lose every single pound.  Another blogger did this and had a lot of success.  Once a week I will post my weight and my food diary, to keep me honest.


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